Susie Biehler is dedicated to providing phenomenally smart service…what you need, when you need it.


susie-photo-275hEarly on in her business, Susie Biehler learned a very simple truth. Her vision was simply to serve. And for the past 30 years that’s just what she has been doing – counseling restaurateurs, chefs, and operators to remain true to their home-grown sensibilities, to be clear about their intentions and to make steady passage through all the twists and turns, honoring their individual path to success.

Her consultancy with clients is direct and inspiring.“She’s a PR Ninja” quotes Nick Balla, at Tartine. He met her as she launched Nombe on Mission Street in 2009 and positioned him with the right resources. “He had the passion, drive and creativity,” Susie commented. “All he needed was a push down certain paths to become the extraordinary artist he is.”
In 2013 she repositioned Campton Place chef Srijith Gopinathan – a master Indian chef. He had been at the hotel restaurant for five years before she stepped in and helped open up some channels, fine tuning his message of what soon became the first Cal-Indian cuisine in the Bay Area. The following year the San Francisco Chronicle awarded him 3.5 stars for his food and in 2015 and 2016, he earned his second Michelin star.
There’s always another resource, another idea, another option. In tackling each challenge, Susie places high value on achieving her own sense of equilibrium, and surpasses fear of the unknown through positivity, diligence and simple acts of grace. Indeed, her loyal clientele has numbered over 200 premiere food service establishments. She has become an important force in making San Francisco & the Bay Area a world class dining mecca.
Ready to benefit from having a real results-oriented player on your team?  Contact Susie Biehler to get started.

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