35 years counseling restaurateurs, chefs, and operators.

About Susie Biehler

Early on in my business, I came to a clear understanding of a very simple truth. My purpose was simply to serve. For the past 35 years that’s exactly what I did – counseling restaurateurs, chefs, and operators to remain true to their home-grown sensibilities, to be clear about their intentions and to make steady passage through all the twists and turns, honoring their individual path to success. This was my mission that framed my work in Restaurant Marketing.

Two years ago, at my PR firm’s 35-year mark, I pivoted from Restaurant PR, and circled back to my early love of photography. In doing so, I encountered an amazing discovery – integrating mindfulness into my art. I have become a practitioner of intentional seeing by demonstrating how photography can be used as a meditative practice to ultimately help mitigate anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

Mindfulness Consulting

Integrating Mindfulness in your day-to-day

According to OneMind.org, 25% of people worldwide suffer from at least one mental health condition in their lifetime. $3 trillion is the global economic burden of mental illness, and it is projected to triple to $9 Trillion by 2030.

The restaurant industry has just come through an unprecedented, surreal time with pandemic challenges, closures, staff upheaval and health safety concerns.
Mindfulness in and of itself is extremely important and clearly understood by many leaders as necessary to be effective and competitive. By utilizing the mindfulness strategies that I teach, you can help your staff cope with these changing and uncertain times.

It is important to consider integrating mindfulness in your day to day — integration with staff and guests — it will absolutely become a catalyst for change if you properly embrace it … and I can assist in making that happen.

Mindfulness in Hospitality Consultation

As a modern elder with 35+ years’ experience listening to restaurant operators and chefs’ stories, heartaches, and daunting challenges I am offering Mindfulness in Hospitality Consultation as one step to assist you in coping with your multitude of challenges.

How does that work? The process starts with a conversation and I would like to offer you my time at no cost in order to take the first step and begin the dialogue.

Contact me for a 30-minute complimentary consultation at suzie@suziebphotography.com.

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The entire hospitality industry pivot is a giant exercise in Change Management. Mindfulness will play an important catalytic role acting as a key to success in navigating this unique shift in the way we conduct our business.

Clients Served

big and small clients alike.

Four Seasons · Cypress Club · Fleur de Lys · Dottie’s True Blue Café · Pica Pica · Ace Wasabi · Miss Pearl’s Jam House · Sear’s Fine Foods · Scott’s Seafood · Whole Foods · Cliff House · Cetrella · Chaya Brasserie · AcquaPazza · Hornblower Dining Yachts · Bushi-tei · Moose’s · Gordon’s House of Fine Eats · Embarko Restaurant · Extraordinary Desserts · Il Fornaio · Ginger Island · One Market · Flavor · Kuleto’s · Habana · Brazen Head · Brannan’s Grill · Citizen Cake · California Restaurant Association · Lark Creek Inn · Food Runners · California Pizza Kitchen · Arlequin · The Ritz Carlton · Pebble Beach Resorts · MacArthur Park · Faz · Anzu Nikko · Amphora Wine Merchant · Sweet Jo’s · Meals on Wheels · E&O Trading Company · 231 Ellsworth · Juma Ventures · OpenTable.com · Joie De Vivre Hotels · Boca · Royal Exchange · Taj Campton Place · BRAIN/wash · The Women’s Building · Domaine Chandon · Antica Trattoria · Hyde Street Bistro · Trader Vic’s · Café Lo Cubano · Alma · George’s Global Kitchen · Starbucks · Absinthe Brasserie & Bar · All Spice · Fish & Farm · Bacar · And many more…

Suzie Biehler Photography

My early photography was very personal and intimate, and the camera allowed me to establish an otherwise-elusive emotional connection with my subjects, who were mostly family. Years later, on a whim, I visited a tea leaf reader who simply told me to get to the sea where I could become part of the expansiveness of the water. I took her advice, and it has informed my work ever since.

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