Susie Biehler







Coaching for Distinction

Restaurant signature discovery, “current state” assessment, branding opportunities — whatever it takes to differentiate a restaurant is what we’ll tackle together. Approaching positioning in an informed way will help you offer your customers special value as well as enable them to find that “on ramp” to restaurant distinction. Just pick up the phone or email to begin.


Develop Buzz/Engage Media

Susie Biehler leverages image to grow business. Effective management training is a critical part of this effort. For CEO’s, the goal is to appear knowledgeable, polished and full of confidence. For individual providers seeking assistance, avoid the lazy shot-gun approach and build on each offering in your toolkit.


The Well-Promoted Launch

Learn from some of the best players in the industry to ensure your pre-opening and opening events receive the media attention, industry awareness, local or national coverage, global penetration, and nonprofit partnership benefits deserved.


Social Media Awareness

Susie Biehler works with clients to pursue the most promising strategies for ensuring conversation within the critical online streams of prospects and patrons. Optimal exposure through Facebook and Twitter campaigns and awareness of best practices for the industry builds sustained relationships and helps grow your business.


Individual Consultations

The company of Susie Biehler takes pride in listening keenly to owner and consultant challenges, making sure each has a vision that aligns with customer expectation in the marketplace. Contact Susie to discuss business challenges like:

• Brand Messaging • Corporate/Restaurant/Food Service Launches
• Media Relations • Social Media Campaigns • Public Speaking
• Events Promotions • Account Management • Creative Problem Resolution


Community Education

Susie Biehler provides more than 20 years knowledge and PR resourcefulness to companies, locally and nationally. She also regularly offers workshops targeted to chefs, owners, restaurant management and advisees. To find out more about her commitment to educational service, click here.


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