About Susie Biehler


susie-photo-275hSusie Biehler has worked with the best of them. She was one of the first to discover the service value of Open Table launching them in 2000, and provided standout support to innumerable unknown brands that have since gone on to become signature names.


Places like Il Fornaio, the restaurants at  Pebble Beach Resorts, Starbucks Coffee, Absinthe Brasserie, Moose’s, LuLu, All  Spice, Whole Foods, One Market, Nombe, Dottie’s  True Blue Cafe and the American Grill  Cheese Kitchen, to name just a few.


Indeed, over the last 25 years, she has  extended core marketing and public relations support to more than 100 world  class  and local food service establishments.  She is an important force in making San Francisco & the Bay Area a world class dining mecca.


Part of that success has come from Susie’s long-standing relationships with the media. Not only has she maintained contact with local correspondents who have gone on to national markets, but she continues to develop new online contacts to remain nimble and save her clients time. She pulls from a wide range of industry know-how and people to give them both a deserving presence.


For a taste of her equanimity and style, view this 25 year celebration, an event organized in her honor.

(Producer/Video Specialist: Shelby Smith Video @ http://www.shelbysmithvideo.com)


Intent on applying her intimate knowledge of the restaurant business for greater impact, Susie Biehler shares her expertise as coach to industry consultants, individuals and teams  — everything from how to manage their own food-industry media programs to grand slam publicity to how to trust one’s own inner wealth of knowledge.


Ready to learn more about her personalized coaching program for restaurant consultants/leaders in the field?  Contact Susie Biehler  or simply read on to learn how you can benefit from having a real results-oriented player on your team.

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